Inland Diesel Supply and Trucking Services

Inland Supply Services

Retaining the traditions of our business origin, we continue to provide commercial and industrial retail services - the very areas which helped to build up the Hin Leong Group in the 1960s.

Since the late 60's, tank trucks owned by the Hin Leong Group have been contracted to carry gasoline and diesel from major refineries to service stations island-wide. Business has since expanded to include transportation of base oils and diesel by trucks to commercial operators, contractors, factories, hotels, hospitals and shipyards. Lubricants are packed in drums, tins and cans for use in mobile generators, vehicle engines, automatic equipment and plants. We also serve the power needs of Singapore's offshore islands.

Our modern fleet of more than 30 modern tank trucks, with capacities up to 30,000 liters, provides much flexibility in delivering various sizes of product loads to customers.

All operations strictly adhere to Safety Management System standards and “Quality Control Management” ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Skid Tanks

Approximately 100 units of skid tanks with the capacity ranging from 1,400L to 20,000L are available for rental.

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