Lubricants and Greases

For Your Universal Use

In addition to a well established network of supply resources and shipping logistic services, the Hin Leong Group also offers an extensive range of lubricants and greases.

Integrated Lubricant Manufacturing Hub

  • • With its 50,000MT per year capacity ISO certified lubricant blending plant located in Singapore, the Hin Leong Group is able to meet the ever growing demand for quality lubricants in the region.
  • • Lubricants produced by the Group are used in a wide spectrum of industries. Our in-house “HL Universal” brand offers an extensive range of marine, auto, and industrial lubricants to our valued customers.
  • • The Lubricant Manufacturing Hub also toll blends for many international brands which has further enhanced our growing reputation for producing top-end quality products.
  • • Quality control is enhanced by the on-site state of the art laboratory which guarantees that base oils and lubricants are on-spec before allowed to be released to the market.
  • • Eight owned and dedicated lubricant barges ensure timely delivery to vessels in-port Singapore and OPL.
  • • 200 meter wharf at our Tuas Terminal allows vessels to berth and top up lubricants in bulk as well as in tote tanks and smaller packs.

Grease Manufacturing

  • • Located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province in China and marketed under the “HL Universal” brand, the grease manufacturing plant has become one of the top three independent producers of quality grease in China.
  • • Besides the domestic China market, “HL Universal” greases from are widely exported within the region.
  • • In addition to its 10,000MT per year production capacity for grease, the plant in China also has the capacity to produce 50,000MT of lubricants.


  • • The Blending Plants are ISO 9001:2000 certified.
  • • American Petroleum Institute (API) authorized lubricant manufacturer.
  • • “HL Universal” Marine Lubricants have approvals from major engine makers including MAN, B&W and YANMAR.
  • • “HL Universal” lubricants and greases have been used by Ocean Tankers fleet of more than 100 vessels for almost 20 years.

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