Petroleum Products Trading

Bringing Value To Our Business Partners

With more than 50 years of experience in the international petroleum trade, Hin Leong (Pte.) Ltd. is well acknowledged as one of the largest independent oil traders in Asia Pacific.

Products traded by Hin Leong Group include: crude oil, feedstock, middle distillates, petrochemicals, biofuel, mogas, naphtha, fuel oil, LPG, asphalt, base oil and lubricants. Company’s trading revenue surpassed USD 14 billion in 2012.

Larges shipments of oil are sourced through well-established network of partners including oil majors and national oil companies generating significant economies in freight and resulting in cost savings for our buyers.

Integrated oil trading services comprising of trading, shipping, blending, storage and an extensive fleet of oil tankers add value and complement our trading activities. This integrated approach enhances our trading flexibility and efficiency in responding to a dynamic oil trading market.

Proficient in international oil trading operations, our team of experienced traders functions as the backbone in our trading system. All cargo movements are closely monitored to ensure speedy turnarounds and timely deliveries. Our quick decision making process and highly dynamic operation team allow us always to be one step ahead of competitors.

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