Storage and Terminalling

Multiple storage locations at Universal Terminal, Tuas Terminal and Floating Storages in Singapore OPL allow Hin Leong Group to ensure efficient supplies, products blending and storage, quick turnaround and optimize delivery schedules.

Tuas Terminal Facilities

Located in Tuas, Singapore, Tuas Storage Terminal with total storage capacity close to 100,000 cubic meters is able to supply Marine Gasoil, Low Sulfur Gasoil, Ultra Low Sulfur Gasoil, Marine Lubricants and fresh water ex-pipeline.

Tuas Terminal is suitable for storage wide range of petroleum products with flash point above 60 °C. Three sets of loading arms and ten pump sets at 200 meters long berth enable simultaneous cargo operations. Segregated tanks and individual pipelines for different grades of products ensure product integrity.

In-house pilots and tugs provided to assist in berthing, minimizing vessel’s waiting time, resulting in cost savings for our customers.

Universal Terminal

Developed at a cost of S$750 million, Universal terminal is one of the largest independent petroleum products storage facilities in Asia Pacific. Occupying 56ha of land at the southern end of Jurong Island, Singapore, Universal Terminal offers 2.33 million cubic meters of storage capacity and modern berthing facilities. The distinct advantage of the Terminal is its ability to berth 2 fully-laden VLCCS simultaneously for cargo operations, resulting in fast turnaround time and cost savings for our customers.

Universal Terminal is poised to be the leading independent storage facility and VLCC petroleum transshipment hub of Asia Pacific.

Key Features:

  • • 2.33 million cubic meters of storage capacity
  • • 78 custom built tanks for black and white petroleum products storage
  • • 15 berths, including 2 for VLCCs
  • • Terminal facilities are designed to ensure fast and highly efficient vessel’s turnaround
  • • Ship-shore-ship operations capability
  • • Fully equipped for products blending

Designed to store feedstock, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, gas oil, fuel oil and base oil, Universal Terminal is strategically positioned to provide our customers with reliable and efficient one-stop services for their storage, blending and distribution needs.

Floating Storages

Our floating storage facilities allow bunker barges and cargo vessels to benefit from ample stocks without calling port of Singapore. Multiple loading points allow us to ensure prompt supply and delivery to vessels.